According to the frequency of consumption, tea takes the second place after water. Every day a person drinks an average of 3 cups of tea, and during the evening in the emotional company of close friends you can completely drink a weekly norm. Like a drink, it warms, refreshes and quenches thirst. As a powerful effective relaxant, calms and tunes in the right way. Any meal is rarely complete without a tea ceremony; the drink has entered our daily lives so much that it is hard to imagine how you can even exist without it. But tea has many substances necessary for the body, for which he received the name of the most useful drink for health.

Tea helps improve the body's absorption of vitamin C. A tonic drink strengthens the walls of blood vessels, saturates with antioxidants, and cleanses toxins. Tea slows down the formation of fat deposits on the inner surface of blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of developing sclerosis, hypertension and cerebral blood clots.