For a change I bought green tea with the name hitherto unknown to me "GOLD CEYLON". It was inexpensive. I thought that it would taste "so-so", like other mediocre teas such as FAMOUS BRANDS. What was my surprise when, after brewing, an aromatic and rich taste of tea was obtained! It was a pleasure to drink it! There were various flavors in the package: raspberries, currants, lemon, caramel and cherry. I liked everything !!! As a result, now we drink it constantly with the whole family. In my opinion, this tea is not worse than OTHERS! The only drawback is the paper cover of the bag, which is better not to put on a damp surface. I think I can safely recommend it!!! 


 The whole history of tea has been associated with a culture of consumption and a wide range of benefits - from stress relief to supporting the immune system. At GOLD CEYLON Tea, we offer a wide range of high-quality teas that complement a balanced diet and help make your health a part of everyday life. Let's drink tea.