In order to realize the tea production, the Arabian Sunrise group of companies established and launched its own tea factory. The production and technical facilities of Arabian Sunrise tea factory are equipped with the high-tech equipment by the leading European manufacturers that enables to control the production cycle at all the process stages: beginning with chopping, blending and ending with cellophane packaging and finished product registration. 

The modern complex equipment of the Arabian Sunrise tea factory used for tea packaging enables to pack tea according to different types of grades: expensive grades of the loose Ceylon tea shall be packed in foil-laminated film, large leaf tea shall be packaged in polypropylene double gusset bags and for tea bags and threads special state-of-the-art eco-friendly materials are used. 

Storage conditions of the finished tea product meet all the requirements of the international standard, what ensures the maximum preservation of freshness and healthy natural tea properties. 

Natural raw materials of high-quality whole leaf, medium-grade broken (chopped) and granulated Ceylon teas are used for production of the GOLD CEYLON tea. Tea dust is not used in the production of the GOLD CEYLON tea. 

The experimental and research laboratory has been established for conformity assessment of the raw materials quality, in which in addition to the quality control of raw materials and finished products, the research work on the study and development of innovative teas exclusively using raw materials from the Ceylon plantations is carried out. 

Production of the GOLD CEYLON tea equipped with the modern equipment, advanced technology and highly professional staff ensures competitive product release capable of meeting various needs of the broad layers of population, including special connoisseurs of delicacy and refinement, the so called "tea gourmets”. The GOLD CEYLON tea is free of any chemical additives; the product is 100% natural, meeting all the quality criteria of the famous Ceylon tea, the main advantages of which are always its unique flavor, deep aroma, pleasant astringency and high content of healthy substances. 

Trade of the own production finished products
All the trade operations to sell finished products are performed by the Arabian Sunrise group of companies using its own structural subdivision–the GOLD CEYLON trading house. The sales strategy focuses on the high quality products offered and the reasonable price policy. During the short period of time the intended course allowed the GOLD CEYLON tea gaining wide popularity on the consumer market. At present the Arabian Sunrise group of companies has the long-term lasting cooperation with many end consumers in different countries of the world; also the distribution network has been created and is under development. 

The pre-requisites for the success of the Arabian Sunrise group companies are: professionally created food basket, smart marketing program, and mobile interest support scheme in promotion of the tea product for partners at all the levels of distribution, as well as the advanced technology for product sales to end consumers. 

Assortment list of the food basket from the Arabian Sunrise group companies is made taking into account the demand on the modern tea consumer market, where preferences are made first of alto quality and healthy products. The GOLD CEYLON tea products are meant for the user with the widest gustatory passions, beginning from lovers of the most inexpensive and popular teas to the most exacting tea connoisseurs, who prefer tea of rare plantation teas. At the same time the GOLD CEYLON tea today and always is solely the high-quality Ceylon tea. The products have the following assortment: various types of leaf, granulated and bag black and green tea, as well as the full range of flavored and fruit teasing a bright and attractive package. 

Comprehensive services for production of tea products
In-house production facilities, professionally chosen staff, science and survey activity based on the own experimental and research laboratory and the modern marketing methods using the BTL-technologies have allowed the Arabian Sunrise group of companies organizing the independent type of economic activity to render the comprehensive services in the tea industry. The comprehensive services comprise several areas, the main of which are: procurement optimization of tea raw materials and packaging materials, packaging and tea bagging by the client request, concept development of the tea trade mark and package design, marketing services using the BTL-technologies, tea product storage and transportation services from the client. 

Nowadays the Arabian Sunrise group of companies is a stable and financially sound company having the leading positions on the tea industry market. Availability of the in-house production, application of advanced technologies for production and sales of finished products, as well as strict accounting and quality control of products, storage conditions of finished products in the own warehouses, foundation of the science and research Centre on the basis of then-house laboratory and specialists are all the objective factors of the existing activity of the Arabian Sunrise group of companies giving assurance in choosing the proper strategy, i.e. to provide the highest quality of products produced and services rendered. The Arabian Sunrise group of companies ensures reliability of the partnership relations.